Viet Nam

To visit Vietnam in 1993, happened to be a very good time to do so. Gone was the requirement to provide an itinerary to obtain a visa for travel via tourist buses to designated places and tourist hotels. The whole country was now wide open to travel by any means available and stay where-ever.

The black and white film negatives were developed as I traveled in chemicals that were often of dubious date, resulting in 'thin' negatives. My naive handling in dusty conditions caused numerous scratches. Here for you to view are the acceptable ones.

Cowboy and Cowgirl, Central Highlands.jpgListening to Jim, Saigon.jpgBetal Nut, Central Highlands.jpgSchool Run, Hue-2.jpgCao Dai Follower, Tay Ninh.jpgCoffee House, Dalat.jpgEban, Saigon.jpgMending the Nets,Nha Trang.jpgDried Gecko.jpgStanding in the Rain, Lao Cai.jpgWar and Peace.jpgOn The Road, Dien Bien Phu.jpgDwarfed, Halong Bay.jpgFloating, Nha Trang.jpgGirl in Bomb Shell, Hue.jpgHalong Bay.jpgHanging Out, Son La.jpgMerchant of Monkey and Snakes, Dalat.jpgThirteen, Nha Trang.jpgBilliards, Dalat.jpgPedestrians, Dien Bien Phu.jpgResting Rickshaw, Saigon.jpg1993, Central Highlands.jpgOn The Road, Central Highlands.jpg