Beating and Shooting

A selection of images portraying a Scottish Highland way of life. From the grouse moors in the east of Scotland to the deer forests in the west with a some pointer dog trailing in-between.

Homeward BoundFlag UpSpying, Pait EstatePointer Trials, Next UpSpying, West MonarFlag Up, and Misty RidgesHomeward Bound beneath Lurg MorBilly and LexiFlag Up SelfieFlooded Gun ButtHinds and Covy of GrouseHomeward Bound, East MonarHomeward Bound above Loch MonarBeaters on the MoorHomeward Bound, PaitBeaters and BirchesHomeward Bound, West MonarImpending StormKeeper and DogsKeepers ConferenceLining Out, AllargueLining Out, KylnadrochitLining OutBeating under a Cumulus SkyPointer Trials, Awaiting ResultsPointer Trials, The ReleaseRiver CrossingSpying beneath a RainbowDogs of BeatersBeaters In The MistSpying, Glen OrrinThe Days BagThe DuckThe Line_The RetreatTwisting Conglass