Sadhus’ & Mystics

A religious ascetic or holy person in Hinduism is known as a sadhu and referred to as 'baba' by the common man. Leading extremely austere lives they often live in very remote areas to follow their life of renunciation, described as the fourth stage of life in Sanskrit literature.

It has been a very great privilege and pleasure to have lived, traveled and shared food with many of these very kind people featured here. Of all many things I have learnt from them the most important must be 'Less is More'.

Crowned Sadhu, PushkarSadhu Pilgrims, Mt KailashYoga on the Ganga, VaranassiBhramaur, Mt KailashjiBaba Mango, DjergadjiBaba, DjergadjiOm Sadhu, UttaranchalBaba (and Axe) DjergadjiDurga Mela Confessional, Kullu ValleyCharas, Mt KailashMeditator at PushkarDurga Mela Procession, Kullu ValleyBells at Kedernath, UttaranchalFuneral Rites, Djergadji_Baba at HampiBaba Mohanpuri, DjergadjiNaga Baba, KedernathMt Kailash PujaShring Rishi Procession, JaloriSmoking Sadhus'Pilgrim, Kullu DhusherraSadhu Pilgrim, Mt KailashSadhu, Kullu DhusherraSadhvi, DjergadjiRecital by Mother Fire, DjergadjiShring Rishi Flagellation, JaloriSadhu, Kullu ValleyTemple Meditation, Tamil Nadu