Rivers & Roads

Himalayan rivers are not small. During the monsoon or when the snow melts on the northern aspect of the Himalaya, the amount of water crashing down these gorges and valleys is monumental. They were never the highways and byways, supplies were transported via mule trains along treacherous paths, on jouneys taking days if not weeks. Nowadays, thanks to military need and tourist greed, great ribbons of black scar the landscape supplying remote areas with luxuries never dreamt of (or needed!).

Balachala, LadakhTsarap River, LadakhCurves and Edges. Spiti ValleyIndus River, Jammu and KashmirBuddha's Birthday Procession, Leh LadakhPentse River, Valley and Traffic, Zanskar, LadakhCurves and Edges. Sutlej HighwayHighway Curves, Jammu and KashmirBaspa Highway, KinnaurShyok River Bend, LadakhSpiti RiverBaspa River, KinnaurMerging of Two Rivers, Zanskar, LadakhMountain Stream, LadakhMountain Stream, Suru Valley, Jammu and KashmirShyok River, LadakhMudh Village, Pin ValleyCommuters. Spiti ValleyPangok Traffic, LadakhSpiti River TrafficLangza RiverSpiti River DepositsRock, Shyok River, LadakhSpiti River GorgeSuru River Reflections, Jammu and KashmirShyok River Reflections, LadakhMount Kun, Jammu and KashmirPin River from Danka MonastryKarsha Monastery and Mountain StreamSuru River, Jammu and KashmirSuru River Pebbles, Jammu and KashmirBaspa River and Chinese BorderTsarap Valley and Highway, LadakhTsarap Valley, LadakhSutlej Highway, KinnaurSutlej Highway Overhang, Kinnaur