Day to Day

Presented here in this gallery is a selection of images portraying everyday life, of people going about their daily duties from, baking to painting and knitting to herding. One of the most important things I have learnt in life is that human kind is the same the world over. We are all doing the same thing, trying to survive.

Seed Merchant, LadakhPainting, SpitiTaxi Rank, KolkataPrayer, Kinnaur-2Cowboys, NepalEnergy Sourcing, SpitiHerding Cattle, SpitiFirewood Collection, NepalHeading Home, SpitiFriendship, KinnaurEntertainment, LadakhHerding, IndiaLaughing, LadakhHerding, LahaulKnitting, KinnaurMilkmen, KolkataPlaying, SpitiMeditation, KinnaurBaker, LadakhPloughing, IndiaPloughing, Sowing and Resting, KinnaurPlaying, LadakhCompetition, SpitiPorters, KolkataReading Scriptures, KinnaurRecital of Scriptures, KinnaurChild Care, SpitiCrowd Control, SpitiResting, LadakhSibling Unity, SpitiTending Cattle, KinnaurToo-ing and Fro-ing, SpitiWalking Meditation, ZanskarTending Crops, SpitiWisdom, SpitiYoung Herders, Spiti