Chortens & Monasteries

Clinging to rock faces or perched atop a rock outcrop, Himalayan Monasteries (known as Gompas) are usually built in the adobe style. Close by one will find Chortens, known in Sanskrit as a stupa.  Built in a variety of shapes and sizes, they usually contain the relics of a respected Lama or Yogi. These beautiful mounds of moulded, and then painted mud, are to be navigated on the left hand side.

Chortens, Thirkse MonastryChortens and Mountainside, RumtseChortens, LalungDwelling and Chemry MonastryChorten Gateway, LamayuruChortens and Cho Cho Khanelda (portrait)Dhanka Monastry and Prayer FlagsChorten and Prayer FlagChortens and Disket MonastryChorten and Rangdom MonastryChortens and Mountainside, PanamikChortens and RoseChortens, Kibber VillageKi Monastry DormitoriesMani Stones and Chemry MonastryChorten and Chemry MonastryChortens, SheyChortens and Cho Cho KhaneldaCloud over Chemry MonastryDhanka MonastryDiskit MonastryChorten and Mani Wall on Mare PlainsChortens, LikirChortens, Nubra ValleyKi MonastryLamayuru MonastryChortens, PanamikLeh, LadakhRangdom MonastryChorten and Mani Wall, Mare PlainsTowering ChortensChortens, TashingangKarsha Monastry, ZanskarChortens, HunderChortens and Sky, RumtseChortens, Yangthang