The south western province of Yunnan attracted me for travel in 1996 as part of my route from Hong Kong to Lahore in Pakistan. It attracted me because of its closeness to Viet Nam and Laos, ( two countries I had previously visited ) and to Myanmar (Burma) and Tibet.

I spent three months moving around the mountains and villages, visiting the capital of Yunnan, Kunming, three times in order to get two visa extensions.

Pump Attendant, Jinghong, Yunan.jpgTV Audiance, Tenchong, Yunan.jpgWalking the Cow, Yangshau.jpgWellington Seller, Dali Market, Yunan.jpgBarbers Shop, Kunming, YunanBus Stop Refreshments, Tenchong, YunanChild at Window, Jinghong, YunanCouple on Road, Tenchong, YunanDoorstep Smile, Tenchong, YunanCobbled Street, Lijang, YunanFashion, Jinghong, YunanHunter Gatherer, Tiger Leaping Gorge, YunanFather and Child, Tenchong, YunanFriendship, Jinghong, YunanFortune Teller, Dali Market, YunanHomework, Tiger Leaping Gorge, YunanOff To Market, YangshauChicken Takeaway, Jinghong Market, YunanStreet Life, Tenchong, YunanStreet Trader, Tenchong, YunanThree Wise Men, Tenchong, YunanTiled Roof Tops, Lijang, YunanTime Out, Tenchong, YunanTraffic Control, Kunming, Yunan